The Grief Directory 


The Grief Directory is national initiative for families bereaved or affected by terrorism. We offer support, advice, services and information, to families by connecting them with willing volunteers, relevant professionals or organizations. We also work to advocate for rights and to sensitize the general society of families and enhance the care is provided to them.

What we do

Direct Support to Victims of Terrorism

TGD reaches out to victims of terrorism or receives referrals of affected families where victims require assistance.  Broadly, we provide the following support:

  • Emotional Support
  • Financial Support
  • Health
  • Mental Health and Psychological Support
  • Educational scholarships
  • Legal Support


Designing and Implementing CVE interventions

The Grief Directory realizes the significance of working with the youth during their developmental years, especially in efforts to counter radicalization and extremism. It includes :

  • Interactive classroom discussions
  • Conversations with experts
  • Meetings with first responders  
  • Interfaith visits 
  • Training
  • Meetings with victims   

Advocacy, Research and Awareness-Raising

TGD maintains an active page on Facebook, where we have created a supportive and inclusive community and provided a platform for expressing feelings and opinions without fear of judgment. The page allows sharing of resources and the building of hope through posts about positive models of strength and resilience.

Trainings and Workshops

We have carried out multiple pieces of training and workshops over the years. Classroom discussions and expert sessions also serve as awareness-raising, advocacy, and informative sessions for participants, speakers, and the TGD team.


International human rights day banner

Artistic Reflections on Gender-Based Violence and its Nexus with Extremism and Terrorism

In commemoration of International Human Rights Day, we are curating a thought-provoking exhibition that delves into the complex intersectionality of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and its correlation with Extremism and Terrorism.

Building Bridges of Compassion



TGD continuously receives cases of affected families where our assistance is required.. Broadly, we provide the following support: