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The Grief Directory Young Peacemaker's Program 2024


“Intersectional Approaches to Address Extremism; Youth, Gender and Global Solidarity”

Summary: (TGD)’s Young Peacemakers’ Program, is committed to engaging individuals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the field of counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism by working with institutions and stakeholders such as first respondents, academics, practitioners and victims of terrorism. The internship also creates a space for interfaith solidarity through interactive discussions, field visits and training.  Sessions include guest speakers, trainings, classroom discussions, and virtual field visits. All interns are required to complete a research-based project (academic/analytical article, research paper, or creative art piece). Participants that meet the requirements of the internship will receive a certificate.


  • Extremism & Terrorism: Addressing various manifestations of extremism and violence and the intersectional experience of such violence.
  • Global and Local Contexts: Connecting global issues with our local contexts and exploring the idea of transnational solidarities in peacebuilding and equality.
  • Challenging Current Narratives: Exploring and challenging current paradigms of terrorism, counter-terrorism and peacebuilding.

Key Features of The Grief Directory's Annual Internship:

Duration and Timing:
The internship program will run from 1st August to 16th August, six days a week. Sessions will be held from 4 PM – 7 PM on weekdays and 11 AM – 1 PM on Saturdays. All sessions will be conducted online.

Eligibility and Application Process:
Open to high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in the aforementioned fields. Applicants can apply through the joint Leadership For Social Uplift’s (LSU) and TGD google form to be released soon.

Mentorship and Supervision:
Interns will work with the core team of TGD and attend sessions with experts from various fields. They will receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals, with regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and opportunities for professional development.

Internship Outputs:
Interns will design a group project, and the best project will be published on the TGD website and potentially other solicitors (details provided in the introductory session).. All interns will receive a certificate of participation upon completing a minimum number of hours by the end of the internship.

Learning Outcomes:
The program aims to provide interns with multidisciplinary education, practical experience, academic frameworks, and humanist approaches to countering various aspects of violent extremism and radicalization in society. By the end of the program, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of these issues, including:

  • Learning historical contexts and current affairs relating to the theme
  • Challenging and overcoming personal biases and developing more tolerant values.
  • Developing sensitive communication skills and taking an empathetic approach towards the needs of grieving individuals and families, including survivors of violence.
  • Learning about multi-method research and gendered, youth-based peacebuilding in challenging contexts.
  • Improving understanding and rights of various faiths and communities and thereby contributing to a more peaceful society.
  • Developing a nuanced and intersectional understanding and approach towards peacebuilding and countering violent extremism and terrorism.

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