The Grief Directory (TGD) was born out of a personal tragedy. On the morning of February 18, 2013, Fatima Ali Haider (Co-founder, TGD) bade farewell to her husband and eleven year-old son as they left for work and school, without knowing this was the last time she would see them alive. Their deaths were the result of a sectarian target killing. In the following days of grieving and desolation, one friend, Dr. Narmeen, reached out and a special bridge of compassion was created between the two. In the aftermath of Peshawar’s Army Public School massacre in December 2014, the two of them realized that their model of support was worth sharing with other families in similar situations. This led to the creation of TGD in January 2015, an organization that works to counter extremist narratives and support sufferers of violent extremism.

Meet the team

Dr. Fatima Ali Haider – Founder & Chairperson

Dr. Fatima Ali Haider is a medical doctor by profession. In addition to working as a physician and EMDR therapist, she works on countering violent extremism and promoting inter-faith harmony. She has spoken on various platforms raising the profile of persecuted communities and advocating for the rights of terrorism affected families.

Dr. Narmeen Altaf Hamid – Co-Founder

Dr. Narmeen Altaf Hamid is a physician by training and holds a doctorate in Social Medicine from the UK. In addition to working as an Adviser on Gender, Health & Development, she also works for women belonging to marginalized groups and those living in areas of conflict.

Hammad Anwar – Director Operations & Communications

Hammad is a Marketing and Finance Major from the Lahore School of Economics, and has been involved in various social organisations since 2010. He is the Founder and Curator of digital platform Sukhan سخن which is highlighting stories of people who are changing narratives. He is also the mastermind behind a sports intiative Mani`s Cricket Myth and Over The Line and previously was the Lead Curator and Co Founder for My Voice Unheard and holds a firm belief that perceptions around the world about Pakistan need to be re-evaluated. He is also working as Communication Expert in Public Sector. Previously he has worked as Project Manager for CFx Comics spear-heading Pakistan`s first Digital Graphic Novel Series. He has also previously served as Director Communications at Rabtt. He was nominated to US State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program in April 2014.

Gauher Aftab – Advisor

Gauher Aftab has held leadership roles at companies involved in education, advertising, financial services, telecom, and various tech industries. In his previous position he helped to scale CarFirst, an auto sector startup, in under two years to 300 full-time employees and a million dollars in monthly topline. Prior to that he has worked as an adviser and consultant for the KP Education Support Program to develop training and curriculum for new teaching staff; and was a co-founder of CFx Comics, where he launched Pakistan’s 1st Urdu comics platform and a primary years children’s reading app, as well as implementing several social and behavioral change communications projects including a comic book series to counter extremist narratives among young adults and adolescents. Guardian’ comic series to promote non-violence and tolerance.

Shafaq Sohail – Team Member

Shafaq is a graduate from LUMS with a major in Anthropology/Sociology. She has been affiliated with the Grief Directory since December, 2018 where she has had the opportunity to engage with her academic interests in gender, marginalization and memory-making practices at a deeper, practical and more personal level.

Our Mission Statement

To provide support to sufferers of political violence and create a more compassionate society in Pakistan

Our Objectives

  • Provide

    • Financial, social and emotional support services
    • Platform for sufferers of violence
  • Create

    • A bridge between those needing and offering support
    • Awareness regarding the issues of families affected by political violence
  • Advocate

    • For reforms in laws, educational institutions, healthcare and emergency services
    • For institutionalizing support mechanisms, specifically formation of a one-window operation that caters to the needs of affected families
  • Empower

    • Affected families and facilitate them to secure their rights
    • Women and build trust and resilience in marginalized communities
  • Promote

    • Inter-faith harmony
    • Tolerance, compassion and good citizenship among our youth

Our links and collaborations

In our work we seek collaboration and help from various individuals and organizations. The following is a list of some of them: