This program provides an opportunity for youth to interact directly with families affected by Terrorism, learn empathy and compassion and engage in peace-building activities through a 4-6 week long internship.

The program is designed as follows:

  1. Training conducted by TGD members with instructions from a practicing psychologist.
  2. Initiating contact with families through phone calls and visits
  3. Identifying and assisting each family in its specific problems (ethnic, gender, age, social, etc.)
  4. Exposure exercise: Interaction with first responders such as visit to 1122 office and discussion with police personnel.
  5. Inter-Faith Harmony Visits to Imam Bargah, Church, Gurdwara, Mandir, Mosque and Bihai Center.
  6. Memorialization Project: How state and civil society acknowledgement of tragedy matters. Discussion and practice ways of acknowledgement such as a cricket match, a painting or a tree plantation.
  7. Motivational talk by one of the affected family’s member
  8. Audio-Visual Modes of Awareness: video screening of multimedia project by NUST students. The project focuses on four categories of survivors and families as well as their struggles. The purpose of the project is to foster sensitivity, create awareness and induce reflection in our youth.

To apply to TGD’s Young Peacemakers Program, contact us directly or through the LSU