The Grief Directory connects the families of those affected by political violence with those who want to help. We identify the needs of such families and match them with appropriate resource people who can meet those needs.

To be able to do that effectively we need feet on the ground. YOU.

We need you to make home visits, interview families, document cases, carry out other organizational tasks that may be needed. For field visits, we strive to ensure your safety by arranging visits in groups, and with an escort if needed.


  • Help on special days like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or death anniversaries of the ones who have died and special occasions of the ones who remain.
  • Have meals with bereaved families
  • Accompany to the graveyard
  • Baby sit
  • Accompany to offices, banks, hospitals
  • Make home visits to identify and verify deserving cases
  • Deliver aid/ration/supplies
  • Document cases, make phone videos, interviews
  • Assist in organizing TGD events
  • Assist in identifying resource people
  • Manage twitter, facebook page, website
  • Research and write content for the website
  • Manage database and communications
  • Write funding proposals
  • Write about TGD on social media and newspapers
  • Spread love!

For those not interested in field-work, we assign desk work of documentation, research, event/media management etc.

What do you get from being a part of The Grief Directory?

  • An opportunity to reach out to those who have suffered untold tragedy and suffering
  • To develop compassion and empathy
  • To become better, more aware, responsible and proactive citizens

Your hours of service are counted and you are entitled to a certificate.

If you are looking for a more formal association you can register for our Young Peacemakers Program.

How to register:

For the Young Peacemakers Program, you can contact us directly or through the LSU.

If you are interested in working with us apart from the internship, contact us directly.