Murtaza Ali Haider


We present the Murtaza Ali Haider Vocational Skill-Based Course, a pioneering initiative aimed at providing support and empowerment to victims of terrorism and extremism. This proposal outlines the objectives, structure, and benefits of this transformative course.


The primary objectives of the Murtaza Ali Haider Vocational Skill-Based Course are as follows:

Emotional and Social Support: To provide a supportive environment for victims of violence, fostering emotional healing and social connection among participants.

Learning Platform for Survivors: To offer a platform where survivors can access educational resources and skill-building opportunities, empowering them to move forward with their lives.

Bridge for Educational Restrictions: To bridge the gap for individuals who have been forcibly restricted from accessing formal education, ensuring they have avenues to learn and grow.

Empowerment of Women: To specifically focus on empowering women by equipping them with skills relevant to the services sector, enhancing their confidence and economic independence.

Inclusivity Across Races and Backgrounds: To ensure inclusivity by welcoming individuals from all races and backgrounds, fostering diversity and unity within the learning community.

Course Structure:

Embroidery Course:

Curated by Ms. Maliha Naeem, an undergraduate student at LSE with a passion for embroidery.

  • Consists of nine instructional videos covering topics such as floral stitches, leaf stitches, lettering stitches, and tracing images on cloth.
  • Provides details about basic materials required for embroidery.

Baking Course:

Developed by Ms. Sarah Naeem, a Biology major at Lahore University of Management Sciences, with a love for baking.

  • Comprises ten instructional videos teaching basic baking techniques and recipes, including vanilla and chocolate cakes, cupcakes, banana bread, and marble cake.
  • Offers insights into essential tools and ingredients for baking.


The Murtaza Ali Haider Vocational Skill-Based Course offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Equipping participants with practical skills for personal and professional development.
  • Providing a supportive community where individuals can heal and grow.
  • Fostering empowerment and economic independence, particularly for women.
  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity within the learning environment.
  • Commemorating the memory of Murtaza Ali Haider by creating positive change in the lives of survivors.


In conclusion, the Murtaza Ali Haider Vocational Skill-Based Course stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for victims of violence. By addressing their emotional, social, and educational needs, this initiative aims to create a brighter future for all participants. We invite stakeholders to support and collaborate on this meaningful endeavor, as together, we strive to make a lasting impact on individuals’ lives.