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Dr Fatima Ali Haider was one of the panelists at Mina Malik Hussain`s renowned Indus News The Coffee Table show. The topic of the show was Grief and Trauma Management and other panelists included Zehra Kamal (Psychologist , Islamabad ) and Shafaq Sohail (Curriculum Developer at CES LUMS, Lahore)

From asking ignorant questions to insensitively calling protesters blackmailers, the terribly insensitive manner in which the state dealt with the mourning Hazara protestors have made the conversation on the ethics of interacting, addressing, and meeting victims suffering from not just the loss of loved ones but also the trauma of terrorism even more urgent. We invite you to a conversation amongst activists, academics, survivors, and media journalist to discuss how we, as a society, can ethically and empathetically approach victims of terrorism, offer them support, and create space for them to grieve.

Dr Fatima Ali Haider`s Speech at the third commemoration of the International Day of Victims of Terrorism: “Not Forgotten: Stories of Remembrance of Victims of Terrorism”, with survivors speaking about remembrance on their own terms and sharing their individual journey and experience, especially since the onset of the pandemic. 21 August is the International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. Dr Fatima Ali Haider talked about her own tragedy along with recommending steps that would help the victims and survivors of political and religious terrorism.

Sara Arif, Maneha Amjad, & Ayla Zeeshan share their experience of being part of TGD`s Young Peacemakers Program 2019.

Dr. Fatima Ali Haider, Co Founder The Grief Directory, was a guest at Indus News`s program Indus Special hosted by Meshal Malik. She talked about the initiative and the struggles of women coping with the aftermath of such tragedies and shared her own experience.

The Ministry of Information’s project, Haq, Haqdaar Tak talks about the importance of giving charity where is needed and put to best use for the purpose of serving humanity. This is a commendable effort especially in the month of Ramzan when the willingness of giving charity under different headings is at its peak. Watch The Grief Directory on the show on the importance of giving charity to those affected by terrorism and the organizations working to support the victims.

The Grief Directory and Mani Nama would like to thank our distinguished guests Lisa Cherry – Speaker, Trainer, Author for sharing her expert opinion on trauma, Dr. Naeem Zafar and Maryam Suheyl for their valuable participation focusing on the culturally relevant experience in their professional domain. A special thanks to all those who made the effort to come and share their experience.

Sundus Mazhar shares her experience of volunteering with The Grief Directory. Every year Lahore Students Union – LSU sends young, compassionate individuals to The Grief Directory (TGD) as interns.

The first session of “Bola Chali” series by My Voice Unheard took place at Kickstart Cafe, Lahore on Saturday October 28th, 2017. The ceremony started with the introduction of My Voice Unheard and “Bola Chali” series by the co-Founder Hammad Anwar. He explained the concept of “Bola Chali” which is an extension of My Voice Unheard. Dr Fatima Ali Haider and Dr Narmeen Hamid Altaf, Co-Founders – The Grief Directory were the guests at its inaugural gathering.

A short documentary on the inception and objectives of The Grief Directory.

The Grief Directory organized a conference for the sufferers, victims and survivors of political violence in Pakistan. It was an opportunity to come together with a small group of health professionals to identify and address key issues in providing assistance to those who have suffered. The conference included a 3-day course, daylong research workshop, a panel discussion and a policy dialogue. Led by Prof Marie Breen Smyth, a distinguished visiting professor at the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, US and founder editor of Critical Studies on Terrorism journal, it was dedicated to Dr Ali Haider & Dr Faisal Manzoor, both victims of sectarian violence.