Direct Support to Victims of Terrorism

TGD reaches out to victims of terrorism or receives referrals from affected families where victims require assistance.  Broadly, we provide the following support:

Emotional Support:

Involves core work with affected families including personal visits and phone calls

Financial Support:

The Grief Directory (TGD) does not encourage direct financial support in the form of stipends unless there are exceptional circumstances where establishing means of monetary support is required soon after the incident. TGD offers assistance by creating a bank of resource persons/partner organizations willing to help victims in various domains.


Support for health especially long-term diseases, permanent disability, and injury. This is done through referrals to concerned organizations and individual volunteers for specialist care.

Mental Health:

Referrals for mental health support to individual volunteer mental health professionals, organizations, or other useful resources. Offering support towards the training of psychologists who can work with local communities.

Educational scholarships:

Graduate and postgraduate degrees are prioritized for victim family members to facilitate empowerment.

Logistical and Practical Support:

Providing assistance for household work and other logistics that the family is unable to take care of.

Psychological Support:

Involves support groups for survivors as well as connecting sufferers with professionals who may be able to help.

Legal Support:

Facilitation in various legal matters the affected families may be facing, such as assistance in due process of Terrorism, succession certificates, bank/property issues, etc.


We use our personal and professional networks to find those needing support and willing and able to provide support. We also use our social media platforms for this purpose and also have a form on our website for seeking or providing support.

Those who want to extend their support can visit this page.