We carry out various advocacy activities with the aim of starting a Funding, Information, Research, Services and Training (FIRST) center for sufferers of political violence.

For this purpose, we partnered with Forman Christian College (FCCU) and organized a one-day workshop on the Feasibility of Setting a Trauma Care Center for Sufferers of Violence and Terrors in Pakistan on 12th April, 2018 at the Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG). The workshop involved participation by various civil society actors, philanthropists and academicians to examine issues surrounding terrorism and political violence in Pakistan and the possible solutions. If you wish to collaborate with us in this regard, please contact us

We are advocating for the proper implementation of The Punjab Civilians Victims of Terrorism (Relief and Rehabilitation) Act 2016, as well as following up the status of similar legislation for the other provinces.  Most recently, an application has been submitted to Punjab Minister inquiring about implementation of this act.

We undertake such projects periodically to help alleviate the plight of sufferers of political violence and to eradicate this violence in the future.